Alarm Monitoring

Key Benefits of Back to Base Monitoring

One of the biggest advantages of back-to-base monitored alarms is that you will have someone keeping watch on your place day and night, every day of the year, meaning there is no chance of any threat to your home or business property being able to arrive undetected. Whether it is in the middle of the day on a work day or at midnight on New Year’s Eve, with back-to-base security monitoring you will always have our security company keeping an eye out for you and aware the second something starts to happen.

Regular alarms do a good job at making a lot of noise. However, it has become so common to hear them that there is little or no chance an average person is going to investigate. Having a monitored alarm system will mean that not only will someone hear it, but also that they will actually respond.


  • Zone Reporting Code

    Back to Base Monitoring Reports which sensor or zone has been activated at your place e.g. Bedroom, Family room, Bedroom, Door Window, Perimeter Beam etc. Once Our Operators receives an alarm Nominated Key Holders or Authorised Persons will be called in priority order given to the control room to go to to secure your properties such as Mobile Phone, Work Phone, Friends, Neighbours, Police, etc.

  • Medical/Duress/Fire Reporting

    Reports Medial, Duress or Fire Code when Button is pressed. Control Room will make immediate necessary calls to Neighbours/Ambulance/Police or Fire brigade.

  • Power Fail or Low Battery Reporting

    If there is a power fail or low battery at your premises, control room will be notified through a signal from your alarm system, that way if control room receives a signal necessary phone calls will be made to notify the client. This feature also helps to notify the client to safeguard any contents in fridge or refrigerator.


Your alarm monitoring can even be made to pay for itself.

With a business monitoring service you can check that your business is opening and closing when it should, even if you’re not there. You can even allow the monitoring team remote access to your alarm to arm the system and download system changes and updates at the press of a button, avoiding the costs and time associated with having someone on site.

Insurance Approved alarm systems from $995 fully installed (giving up to 20% off premiums with most insurance providers).

Security Alarm System Guarantee

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Your investment in your security system is 100% Guaranteed.

If you are not absolutely convinced within 30 days that the alarm system you have purchased will:

  • You are not instantly secured after installation
  • Instantly secure your, your family, your business and your belongings
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality and neatness of your installation.
  • Give you confidence to leave your home or business safe and secure.

First Response Security will insist on removing and refunding your money in full.