CCTV (closed circuit television) is a visual surveillance technology that can monitor a variety of environments and activities from one central point and is a highly effective deterrent against property and asset crime.

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First Response Security CCTV Cameras Advantage

First Response Security is a proud provider of cutting edge security solutions with a wide range of some of the best CCTV systems. Our CCTV camera systems provide maximum security with the following capabilities:

Infrared cameras (IR) – day night camera- Our Infrared CCTV cameras provide you with a peace of mind no matter the time of day, you can keep an eye on your property – even when it’s pitch black. With the unique capability of ‘seeing’ heat in the dark, an IR CCTV system is highly capable of detecting intruders in your property’s most vulnerable area.

Vandal resistant cameras – With a vandal resistant CCTV camera system, burglars will think twice about invading your property. A vandal resistant CCTV camera is encased in a special housing that protects it against vandalism, allowing it to operate even when intruders are attempting to impair its operation.

Facial recognition – Worry no more about people trying to break into your home with a facial recognition camera. A CCTV system with facial recognition system is equipped with a special software that helps keep unrecognised people from entering your property. It also helps in detecting a face among a group of people to be compared to a known identity.

Back to base monitored cameras – A back to base monitored camera system is hooked up to a central monitoring station that receives the CCTV camera’s transmission. When the transmission is confirmed, a response is sent to a pre-defined person according to your instruction. The person could be you, a security patrol or a fire brigade.

Remote viewing cameras – Keep an eye on your property even when you’re away with our remote viewing CCTV cameras. Whether you’re away on a holiday or at work, you can monitor your home anytime you want via your mobile phone or computer.

IP based cameras – Thanks to the Internet, there is now an explosion of IP based CCTV cameras, a type of security camera which can send and receive images via the Internet. And with the explosion of smartphones and mobile devices capable of browsing the Internet, you can keep an eye on your property even when you’re on the go.

Point of service cameras – We also provide CCTV solutions for our retail customers, enabling them to monitor and secure their businesses with high quality cameras.

Pan tilt zoom cameras – With our CCTV cameras capable of panning, tilting, and zooming, you can have a wide angle of view and capture sharp images of subjects that are far away.



Any deterrent that protects your physical person or property is a valuable investment. First Response Security is a market leader in delivering high quality CCTV products. With remarkable visual clarity, your CCTV system will give you the power to prevent incidents, or increase chances of perpetrators being caught. Our CCTV systems are top quality products from trusted brands to ensure you get the best use of your security equipment. and can have the following capability;

Our highly trained staff will talk you through our various camera surveillance options, as well as our buy, rent or lease finance packages.

Digital Video Recording – DVR

For highly efficient surveillance technology, DVR integrates CCTV cameras, monitoring and remote video monitoring into a single unit. This eliminates the need for videotapes and having to rewind or fast forward to a particular time frame. DVR’s enable you to view your property anytime, anywhere with the right software and give you a user-friendly digital recording of events.

Our iPDR iphone application will allow you to access your DVR in remote locations and monitor live video via network connection at any time from your iPhone or iPad.

First Response Security only supplies long standing and quality products provided by trusted brands ensuring your sites safety.

Videofied CCTV Systems

Videofied is an integrated CCTV and Monitoring Solution, which allows for real time video alarm monitoring.

What is Videofied?

Videofied is an integrated CCTV and Monitoring Solution, which allows for real time video alarm monitoring.

This video enables First Response Security Group through A1 graded monitoring centre to verify either a false or genuine alarm within moments and take the appropriate action.

Saving our clients money by not send a guard to physically verify false alarms or to direct police and guards to the actual site of a crime in progress.

Being a wireless solution, the system can be relocated as your needs change – relocate the motion sensor as and when required to high risk areas these can be constantly changing.

How does it integrate into Monitoring?

Videofied is monitored by highly trained staff in A1 graded monitoring centre ensuring the protection of your assets.


Other benefits

Videofied is a CCTV system that protects your privacy the camera stays off until you need it – during the alarm. After arming any movement is captured in a 10 second MPEG file and received at A1 graded monitoring centre, where it is evaluated.