Static Guards

Our proficient and recognised security officers are dedicated to providing with you the most excellent promising customer service.

Our officers are managed by a skilled security Management Mentor, and will detail all information concerning to happenings at your site.

Our Security Services:

  • K9 Securityimage12
  • Construction Site Security Officers
  • Static Security Officers
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gatehouse Duties
  • Mine Security
  • Concierge
  • Special Events
  • Dedicated Mobile Patrols
  • Licensed Crowd Controllers
  • Loss Prevention
  • Personal Protection
  • Online Video Surveillance

K9 Security

First Response specialises in K9 security, and has developed a reputation for offering industry leading dog security solutions accompanied by expert breeding, training and maintenance programs. Our dog security teams, including guard and dog services, form a formidable security option for event protection, party security, crowd control security, loss prevention, asset protection, mobile and static security patrols.

We strongly believe that using a correctly trained security dog allows us to achieve the best possible results and meet customer expectations. These masterful dogs offer heightened senses, indicating human odour and applying their incredible instincts to support our guards to secure any site.

It is almost impossible to hide from a well-trained security guard and dog team. We insist on the highest quality standards in our security dog and guard teams. First Response has an extensive record of achievement in the K9 industry, and our current clients rely on our services for

First Response canine teams are commonly used in

  • Event and functions
  • Industrial complexes
  • Transport facilities
  • Commercial sites
  • Construction areas
  • Car parks
  • School security
  • Sporting events
  • Mines

Our team is associated with industry leaders to ensure we continually improve our K9 security and management processes and offer our clients the best services available.

Construction Security

At First Response our business is geared towards construction. We offer cost competitive guarding and patrol solutions for any construction project small or large.

We have a vast team of directly employed security officers who are trained in the strategies and protocols that are pertinent to security on construction sites. Site specific duties are drawn up for each project and each guard must demonstrate a sound understanding of them before commencing duties onsite.

At First Response we put safety at the height of importance. It is a requirement at First Response that all guards in our construction division hold an OH&S Green Card and First Aid Certificate. Furthermore, Safe Work Method Statements are completed for every project and implemented onsite before services commence.

Our Management Team has a combined 90 years’ experience in providing security services to a variety of industries one being the construction industry. Through our industry background and experience we have devised the best systems and procedures for managing security officers conducting services on construction sites.

We have a number of patrol vehicles on the road that provide random checks of staff onsite as well as responding quickly to alarms.

Female Operatives

Female operatives are available for special occasions or for general subtlety and aesthetics. Our highly trained staff are able to operate effectively in most social or cultural environments and can work in mixed or all female teams.


Every First Response staff member is highly trained in self defence, negotiation, restraints, first aid and firearms. Our staff are fully licensed at state level and are continually upgrading their skills through ongoing training.